In ‘Kissing the Crisis’, Kara Martinez Bachman delivers a collection of laugh out loud essays that share her experience of “careening into middle age”. This book is written for every woman that has experienced the struggles, the challenges, and the angst felt by many at middle age. The essays are funny, witty and entertaining. With her deft use of analogy and humor, Kara explores the many issues we contend with at midlife - boredom, restlessness, identity crisis, the aging body, the need for change and adventure, the need “to let crazy-lady loose”, and the need to reshape our lives and pursue our unfulfilled dreams.

As a GenX midlifer like Kara, a lot of the topics covered in the essays resounded with me. With my own midlife funk triggered by the deaths of close family members, I find some of her words quite thought-provoking. On her own mother dying from cancer, Kara says “..the wrinkles, the sunspots, the gray hairs are not bad things, but are actually badges of good luck, cosmetic damages that my mother never had the good fortune to grow old with”. This book will inspire many of us to approach midlife light-heartedly and with sheer optimism, and I strongly recommend that you add it to your reading list.